Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will my order ship?

A: Most of my items have a 1-4 business day handling time (just in case I need it), but I do try to ship the same or next day, it just depends on what was ordered and when the order was placed (I only ship on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays). Please keep in mind that most of my items are  custom made, glued, and/or modified and this requires time. Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated!

Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Absolutely! You may return any item with the exception of customized/personalized items within 14 calendar days of delivery. If I made a mistake or your item is defective, I will pay to return it and you'll be refunded for both the item(s) and the original shipping fee. Any other reasons for returning will require you to pay the return shipping and please note, your refund will not include the shipping you paid to ship the items originally.

Q: What Is Your Custom Made/Personalized Order Cancellation/Return Policy?

A: Custom/Personalized Orders Can Not Be Canceled Once Started And Are Excluded From The Return Policy Unless Damaged or Defective. Please Understand That These Items Are Made To Order And Can Not Be Re-used Because They Are Made Specifically For You.

Q: What do I do if my bottle arrives leaking?

A: Each Bottle is checked vigorously for leaks before shipping, however, because gluing bottles isn't an exact science and because USPS is not always gentle with packages, occasionally a bottle will spring a leak in transit. If this happens, please contact me immediately so we can work on getting a replacement bottle sent to you.  If you do not bring it to my attention, I can not fix the issue. This includes me finding out your bottle leaked in the form of a negative review. You must contact me directly with this or any other issue so I can resolve it for you and please keep in mind that it is never my intention for a customer to receive anything less than perfect when ordering from me so please do not treat me like I did it intentionally, if given the chance I will resolve it amicably. Thank you!

Q: What is the difference between a reversible magnetic, adhesive putty, uncut and a custom nipple pacifier?


A magnet is placed inside an open felt circle pocket with a slit on the front of it so you can slip it out & flip it over to change the polarity. The felt pockets also protect the paint on your baby's lips from coming off from rubbing against the metal magnet.

Putty is used on baby's that have no internal magnet by literally sticking the pacifier to the baby's lips. It can also be molded to form a nipple for open mouth or silicone babies.

The original nipple is still on the paci. Best for open mouth & silicone babies.

A smaller, more narrow nipple I make with a mold and permanently attach to a pacifier for silicone babies with small mouth openings.

A much smaller, more narrow nipple I make with a mold and permanently attach to a pacifier for silicone babies with very small mouth openings.