MAM Reborn/Silicone Baby Pacifier - Deal On Two!!

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Mam Newborn Pacifier For Reborn or Silicone Babies!


These pacis have smaller shields and are lighter weight than most other pacifiers so they work great for newborn and even 16-18" preemie sized babies!

Available 5 Different Ways:

1. Uncut (nipple still attached)

2. Non-toxic, Adhesive Putty (adhesive putty is most commonly used for babies without paci magnets)

3. Reversible Magnetic (magnet is enclosed in an open felt circle pocket so you can slide it out and flip it over to match your baby's polarity or switch it between babies with different polarities)

4. Custom Preemie Nipple dor silicones with small mouth openings. (+$2/ea)

5. Custom Micro Preemie Nipple for silicones with extra small mouth openings. (+$2/ea)

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